Symptoms that may indicate that your child has a learning-related vision problem include:


headaches after close work                              loss of place while reading

use of finger to keep place                               re-reading of words or paragraphs

poor comprehension                                        unable to stay on ruled lines

poor handwriting                                             poor organization of drawings on page

avoidance of close work                                   careless errors in reading, writing & math

rubbing of eyes                                                short attention span, daydreaming           

excessive blinking                                            holds book close 

keeps face close to desk                                   tilts head while working at desk  

head movements when reading                        poor chalkboard to desk copying     

blurred vision when reading                             awkwardness, bumps into objects

squints, closes or covers one eye                     double vision         

crossing of one or both eyes                            eye strain, eye fatigue

burning or aching eyes                                     homework takes longer to finish

performs below potential                                 difficulty keeping eye on ball 

difficulty completing assignments                    words jumping or moving while reading